Using List Shortcodes within jQuery Slider

Unfortunately it is not possible to have a List Shortcode within the homepage jQuery sliders. The unordered lists use <li>‘s tags and the javascript that generates the slides views each list item as a new slide and things start looking all jacked up. If you definitely need a list in the homepage Slider you can achieve the same effect using the blockquotes tags and some custom CSS code.


Add your items to the Slider Post and wrap them with the <blockquote> tag like so:

<blockquote>List Item 1</blockquote>  <blockquote>List Item 2</blockquote>  <blockquote>List Item 3</blockquote>

Then add this custom code to the Custom CSS area in the Site Options panel:

.home-banner-main blockquote p  {background:url(http://localhost:8888/wp-content/themes/Karma/images/secondary-teal-grey/bullet3.png) no-repeat scroll 0 10px transparent !important ;padding:3px 0 0 18px !important;margin:2px !important;}

Kindly replace localhost:8888 with your own URL to properly call the bullet image. Note: the above will show the checkmark bullet, if you prefer to use a different style according to you site color, just look for the preferred one and replace the URL to point to it.

Please see image bellow for final results:

(click screenshot for full-size view)