Testimonials in Footer – Fix for Quote Image

If you have added the Testimonial Slider to the Footer, the Quotes Image will not render nicely. Bellow is the fix:

    1. Download the Custom Quote Image zip file and unzip
    2. [button link=”http://support.truethemes.net/wp-content/uploads/bg_quote.zip” style=”download” color=”green” window=”yes”]Custom Quote Image[/button]

    3. Log into your Dashboard
    4. Access Media > Add New
    5. Upload the Custom Quote Image
    6. Copy the Image URL
    7. Access the Site Options Panel by clicking on ‘Appearance > Site Options’
    8. Click on the ‘Styling Options’ tab
    9. Scroll down and add the CSS code below into the ‘Custom CSS’ section
    10. footer blockquote:before {content:url(http://your-site.com/sterling/wp-content/uploads/bg_quote.png) !important;height:20px;}
    11. Replace the Image URL int the above code with your own
    12. Save changes and rejoice! :)