Sterling WordPress: Custom Left Nav


This article describes how to create a custom left navigation within your Sterling WordPress theme. By default, the Left Nav page template automatically pulls in pages from your main menu and adds them to the left navigation. This is a fully automated process and full details are covered in this Training Video:
Sterling – Left Nav Setup If instead you’d like to display a custom left navigation please follow the instructions below:

General Instructions:

  1. Create a custom menu.
  2. Assign the custom menu to your page.

Step 1: Create a custom menu

  1. From within your WordPress Dashboard click on Appearance > Menus
  2. Create a custom menu (youtube tutorial: how-to create custom menu)
  3. Save the custom menu

Step 2: Assign the custom menu to your page

  1. From within your WordPress dashboard click on Pages and edit the page of your choice.
  2. Under the Page Attributes section choose Left Nav as the page template
  3. Under the Custom Sub-menu section choose the menu you created in Step 1
  4. Save and rejoice : )

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Please note: You can also display additional Widgets below your custom menu.
Simply scroll to the bottom of the Page Editing screen and from within the Sidebar section select the Sidebar that you wish to display.