Remove Footer Callout From Specific Pages

Removing the Callout from a specific Page can be done with a simple CSS trick and requires a few steps on your part.

For the Sterling Theme

    1. Access the Page you wish to remove the Footer Callout from using your Browser.
    2. Using your Browsers settings, view the Page Source Code
    3. Look for the body tag and you will find something like this:
      <body class="home page page-id-5 page-template page-template-page-template-home-lightbox-php logged-in admin-bar">
    4. Note the page-id-5 – The theme assigns a unique page ID to each of your pages so you use this to exclude anything from your site using CSS. In this case we will need to use footer-callout CSS class to remove the Callout from the footer.
    5. Add the following code to your Custom CSS area in Site Options -> Styling Options:
.page-id-5 .footer-callout {display:none !important;}
  1. Replace the page ID with your own. Repeat the code for any other page.

For the Karma Theme

Repeat all the above, however the CSS code to add to the Custom CSS area in Site Options pane is as follows:

.page-id-5 #footer #footer-callout {display:none !important;}

Note: For another way to find the Page ID, see here: If using this method, just remember the CSS class still needs to be .page-id-ID Number