Page Code Showing in in Header/Navigation area

The Main Navigation is built with the intention of having short “descriptions” under the top level items. There may be times where your Main Navigation looks broken (i.e.: page code showing all over the header/navigation area) – See screenshot bellow for a visual of this issue. By default, Karma pulls in the Pages content into the descriptions area which you can then modify. To do this, access Menus section and edit the descriptions for each top item: – Make sure you have “Descriptions” enabled in “Screen Options” – Click each Top Menu item and remove any content the Description area contains – Enter a short description for each Top Menu item. – Save If your choice is to not have descriptions, you may disable them in Appearance > Site Options > Interface Options > Navigation Descriptions

Visual Guide

(click screenshot for a full-size view) (view the instructional video) (click screenshot for a full-size view of the issue)