New Updating Server

Hi There,

As of March 24, 2016 we have begun using a new provider for serving up automatic updates for our themes and plugins. Everything will remain exactly the same on your end, and updates will continue to be served directly to your WordPress Dashboard.

This new switch does require that you manually update your products just one time in order to receive the latest version of that product which includes a new set of code that will pull in all future updates from the new updating server.

A one-time manual update is required for the following product versions:

  • Karma 4.7 ––> Karma 4.8.0 (available now)
  • Sterling 2.5 ––> Sterling 2.6.0 (available now)
  • Karma Builder 2.0 ––> Karma Builder 2.1.0 (available now)

Once you’ve manually updated to those latest versions, all future updates will be served up automatically and you will be all good to go. Please note that all of our products now have a 3 digit version number as opposed to the old 2 digit version number. This does not affect your product in anyway and is only in place as per a requirement on our updating server.

How to manually update your product:

  • Karma Builder Plugin:
    Log into your WP-Dashboard, click ‘Plugins’ and deactivate + delete the Karma Builder plugin. Next, click on ‘Appearance > Install Plugins’ and Install Karma Builder.
  • Karma and Sterling theme:
    To manually update these themes to their most recent version you will simply download the most recent files from ThemeForest and manually update your theme using the “Manual Theme Update Instructions” outlined in this article on our Help Center.

If you have any questions at all regarding this new change please submit a ticket and we’ll be delighted to assist you.

Thank you