Loading Circle Showing in Image Frames


Image thumbnails are showing the loading symbol (circle), it does not stop.


The loading circle in the Image Frames does not actually stop or fade out. It simply hides behind the image thumbnail once that image loads into the frame.

If you are seeing the loading circle after all image thumbnails have loaded, then this means you are using transparent images which the loader will bleed through.

You must use images with a solid background such as white (not transparent).

If you must use transparent images, then the alternative is to eliminate the loading circle .gif from the frames.
To do so, simply add the following code to the Custom CSS area in Site Options panel.

All Image Frames:

.img-preload {background:none !important;}

For All Gallery Image Frames:

.preload_one, .preload_two, .preload_three, .preload_four {background:none !important;}