Karma HTML: Create a Contact Form

Note: Karma HTML Template uses the “iPhorm” AJAX contact form. Here is the official documentation: http://theworkingowl.com/iphorm/


Here is a basic overview of how to build a Contact Form in Karma HTML Template. For detailed information please refer to the official iPhorm Documentation

  • You’ll start with one of Karma’s Contact Page Templates, let’s say template-contact-smartphone.html
  • At the top of this template, in the HEAD section, you will see 5 files (both JavaScript and CSS) that are needed by the contact form. Just be sure to keep these included for proper form functioning.
  • You’ll next scroll to line 328 of template-contact-smartphone.html and begin editing the HTML fields desired in your form. Leave all of the <form> tags un-touched and only update the actual fields inside.
  • You can find samples of all available HTML fields inside your Karma HTML Template Folder. This is located on line 197 of …/contact-form/_sample-contact-form-all-field-types.html
  • After all desired HTML fields have been added to your contact page you’ll now need to modify the “config.php” file. This is the file that checks for required fields, submits the form, and shows your user the custom “success message”.
  • config.php” is located in …/contact-form/config.php
  • Samples for properly configuring all field types within “config.php” can be found in your Karma HTML Template Folder here: …/contact-form/_sample-config-all-field-types.php
  • That’s it! Once config.php has been properly setup you will now have a fully functional contact form