Karma-Builder Changelog

Version 2.2.6

Bug Fix: "Blog Posts" shortcode thumbnails now displaying

Version 2.2.5

New: Karma Builder thoroughly tested and modified for full compatibility with PHP 7. Plugin is now fully compatible with PHP 7.
Update: Re-wrote a dozen or so functions which have been deprectaed in PHP version 7. All new code was written to ensure backward-compatibility with PHP 5.x
Bug Fix: The "main content font size" option in site options panel was affecting pricing boxes. this bug has been fixed.

Version 2.2.4

New: Number Counter Element now accepts large numbers with commas (ie. 125,000)
New: Added font-size and font-weight options to Number Counter Element
Update : counTo() function modified to allow for commas in Number Counter Element
Bug Fix: Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 2.2.3

Bug Fix: auto-tab height fix when multiple tab styles added to same page.
Bug Fix: custom class fix on pricing box element.

Version 2.2.2

Bug Fix: removed raw tag from karma_list_item.
Bug Fix: fixed animated elements in front-end VC editor.

Version 2.2.1

Bug Fix: Prevent icon box breaking into two when assigns as lightbox.

Version 2.2.0

New: Animation option added to every Karma Builder Element
Bug Fix: Vertical tabset now has a dynamic min-height
Bug Fix: Removed redundant karma_builder_enqueue_admin_script action hook callback.

Version 2.1.0

Update : Added Image alt option to team member shortcode
Bug Fix: Removed raw tags from video left and video right shortcodes

Version 2.0

Bug Fix: Remove raw tags from callout and icon box
Bug Fix: latest blog post shortcode ( moved strip_shortcode to the end )
Bug Fix: Frame shortcode - Fixed duplicate images by changing div class="lightbox-zoom.. tag to span tag

Version 1.9

Bug Fix: hr, gap, columns and callout shortcodes wrapped with truethemes_formatter() to remove raw tags
Bug Fix: JavaScript error in vertical tabset

Version 1.8

Update : Added 3 new social icons, Vkontakte (vk.com), Vimeo and Soundcloud
Bug Fix: Icon Box in backend editor
Bug Fix: Gallery post type overlap onto post date
Bug Fix: SoundCloud post type overlap onto post date
Bug Fix: Rewrite content of Blog Post shortcode to remove un-rendered shortcode
Bug Fix: Added truethemes_formatter() function to testimonial and text callout shortcode to remove [raw] tags

Version 1.7

Update: Changed 'add_shortcode_param' to 'vc_add_shortcode_param' (required for VC 4.8+)
Update: Updated all 'vc_templates' to be current

Version 1.6

Bug Fix: Tab-specific linking on vertical tabs
Bug Fix: "Default Layout" blog post element
Bug Fix: Post Grid Element
Bug Fix: Media Grid Element
Bug Fix: Post Grid Element

Version 1.6

Minor bug fixes. Plugin now fully compatible with Visual Composer 4.7

Version 1.4

CSS updated for seamless rendering with all new Karma Theme v4.6 Flat Design style

Version 1.3

Update: Optimized PHP code for rendering backend icons
Bug Fix: Column shortcode from original karma theme breaking on small mobile device
Bug Fix: "Pricing box" default values not saving
Bug Fix: "Icon box" Entypo icon alignment
Bug Fix: Checked and updated all elements to ensure proper saving of default values

Version 1.2

Update: Combined all CSS into single file for lighter footprint on the server
Bug Fix: "Every Element" added default values to dropdown-select for compatibility with VC 4.6+
Bug Fix: "Business Contact Details" icons not displaying

Version 1.1

Update: Removed Karma Builder's vc_row.php - no longer needed
Update: "Heading Element" added advanced sub-heading text with rich-editor
Update: "Icon + Text" added input field to define the size of paragraph text
Bug Fix: VC "Icon" element outputting HTML code
Bug Fix: VC "Separator" element outputting HTML code
Bug Fix: VC "Empty space" element outputting HTML code
Bug Fix: VC "FAQ" element outputting HTML code
Bug Fix: VC "Image Carousel" element outputting HTML code
Bug Fix: Karma Builder "Frame" shortcode, not inserting modern frame (VC editor bug)
Bug Fix: Karma Builder "Image Box (round)" shortcode, not inserting font awesome icon (VC editor bug)
Bug Fix: VC "Empty Space" element outputting HTML code
Bug Fix: VC "Post Grid, Media Grid, Post Masonry Grid, Masonry Media Grid" element outputting HTML code, all using the same vc_basic_grid.php template
Bug Fix: VC "Call to action" element outputting HTML code

Version 1.0

Initial Release