How do I display my profile avatar image in the Blog?


This article describes how to set up and display your profile avatar image within your Blog.
Your Avatar is an image that follows you from site to site and appears beside your name when commenting on a website’s blog post. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums. It is a service by Automattic, and stores an “Avatar” image that inks to an email address on its servers.

Once you upload an image on Gravatar server, it will display on any site.
In WordPress, under Discussion Setting you can see Avatar options, which include Gravatar logo and “Mystery Man” along with other options. You can see sideways “G” in the Avatar option. This is the default Gravatar Logo from Gravatar.
To have a Custom image, sign up on for an account and make sure that the email you used for Gravatar should be the same email as in your WordPress profile.

  • Sign up with your email address.
  • Upload your image to Gravatar.
  • Use your Gravatar email in your WordPress profile, because Gravatar works with your email address.

In Karma Theme’s Blog Posts there are two sections where a Profile Avatar can be displayed.

  • In the “About the Author” section
  • In the “Comments” section

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In Sterling Theme’s Blog Posts there is one section where a Profile Avatar can be displayed.

  • In the “Comments” section

WordPress Avatar Settings:

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