How do I change the order of my slider posts, gallery items etc?


This article describes how to re-order any posts within your WordPress Theme. This includes gallery items, slider posts, blog posts and more.

General Instructions:

Our Themes utilize WordPress Posts for a variety of different functions (Sliders, Blog Posts, Gallery, etc). WordPress Posts are automatically categorized by the date in which they were posted. To change the order in which the posts are displayed you will simply re-arrange the order of the posts.

Option 1:

Install this super easy-to-use Plugin that allows you to drag-and-drop the Posts into the actual order you wish them to appear. You can find that Plugin here: We love this plugin! 🙂

Option 2:

Change the “Publish Dates” for your Posts in the order you wish to have them display.

  1. Open your WordPress Dashboard and click ‘Posts’.
  2. Locate the Post you wish to edit and click ‘Quick Edit’.
  3. Change the Post Date to any date you wish. Posts with the most recent date will appear first so changing it to an older date will move it down the post order.

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