How do I add multiple Blogs to my website?


This article describes how to add multiple Blog pages throughout your website.

General Instructions:

Your website can technically only contain a single Blog page however you can add multiple Blog Pages using WordPress’ Post Category feature.

  1. The first step is to create the Post Categories that you’d like to use as “separate Blog pages” and add your posts to those categories. (this is the same process as creating a regular ol’ blog post and assigning it to a category)
  2.  The next step is to add these categories to your menu so users can click and access your “additional Blog page(s)”
  3. To add these categories to your menu click on Appearance > Menus
  4. While on the Menus screen locate the Categories box (screenshot below)
  5. Check off the categories you’d like to add to your menu and click Add to Menu
  6. Organize these newly added menu items just as you would drag-and-drop a normal menu item.
  7. Save your menu and you’re all set 🙂

Now if you visit your Site, click one of the Categories added in your Menu and the Page will display all Posts assigned to that specific Category. [search_terms]multiple blog, additional blog, more than one blog, multiple blogs, 2nd blog[/search_terms]