Custom Sidebar Navigation / Side Nav

By default, Karma’s Left-Nav and Right-Nav page templates will pull in all pages for that particular section into the sidebar navigation. Here are instructions for displaying a custom sidebar navigation instead.

Full details outlined in this video:


To display a custom menu we’ll simply create a new Menu under ‘Appearance > Menus’ and assign that new menu to our page. This new menu will override the default menu.

  1. Click Appearance > Menus and create a new menu. Add the desired pages and save the menu. WordPress Menu user guide
  2. Click Appearance > Sidebars and create a custom Sidebar.
  3. Click Appearance > Widgets and drag the “Custom Menu Widget” into the newly created custom Sidebar. Select your custom menu from the dropdown list and save the widget.
  4. Click Pages and select the page you’d like to Edit. Choose “Left Nav” or “Right Nav” for the page template.
  5. Locate the “Sub -menu” settings box and choose your custom menu from the dropdown list. Be sure to also tick the box labeled “Disable sub-menu”
  6. Locate the “Sidebar” settings box and choose your custom sidebar from the dropdown list. This sidebar will automatically get displayed below the sidebar navigation.
  7. Save the Page and rejoice, you’re all set!