Change the Testimonial Slider Speed

Follow the steps below to adjust the speed of the Testimonial Slider in the Karma and Sterling Theme.

Karma WordPress Theme:

  1. Browse to Karma’s Site Options Panel by clicking Appearance > Site Options
  2. Click on ‘Sliders’
  3. Scroll down to ‘Testimonial Slider’ and adjust the Display Time to your desired speed.
  4. Save settings.

Sterling WordPress Theme:

  1. Via FTP, in your server, access custom-main.js found in /Sterling/framework/js/
  2. Look for the Testimonials js code beginning at line 141
  3. Look at about line 195 for the following:
    var interval = "6500";//milliseconds
  4. Change 6500 as per your needs and save the file.
  5. Save the file!

Important:You will need to do this after any future upgrades to the theme.