Change order of Gallery & Portfolio posts

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By default, the Gallery/Portfolio page templates list the items in Ascending order, meaning the most recently added item is displayed last.

Option 1

If you would like to update your gallery so that the most recently updated item is displayed first, please follow these steps.

  1. Open up the PHP file of the page template you would like to edit. (for example: template-portfolio-4-columns.php) found in the /Karma/ directory
  2. You may also access the file templates via Appearance > Editor
  3. Scroll down to approx line 40 in the code and change “ASC” to “DESC” in the code below
  4. Upload/Save your file. You are all done! 🙂


$query_string ="posts_per_page=$posts_p_p&cat=$category_id&paged=$paged&order=ASC";


$query_string ="posts_per_page=$posts_p_p&cat=$category_id&paged=$paged&order=DESC";

Option 2

Install a real neat Plugin that allows you to drag the Posts in the actual order you wish them to appear. You may find that Plugin here:

Option 2:

Change the “Publish Dates” for your Posts in the order you wish to have them display.

  1. Open your WordPress Dashboard and click ‘Posts’.
  2. Locate the Post you wish to edit and click ‘Quick Edit’.
  3. Change the Post Date to any date you wish. Posts with the most recent date will appear first so changing it to an older date will move it down the post order.

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