Change jQuery Slider Settings (Sterling HTML Theme)

To set the jQuery Slider settings requires a small change in the Template file. Open up page-template-homepage-jquery-sidebar.html or page-template-homepage-jquery.html Scroll to the end of file and find the following codes.

 <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#slides').slides({ preload: false, //preloadImage: 'preloader url here', autoHeight: true, effect: 'slide', slideSpeed: 500, play: 0, randomize: false, hoverPause: false, }); }); </script> 

To change the Effect to Slide to Fade, simply change:

effect: 'slide',


effect: 'fade',

To change the Slide Speed, simply change:

slideSpeed: 500,

…to a different value of your preference, like:

slideSpeed: 800,

To change the Slider Transition Speed, simply change:

play: 0,

…to a different value of your preference, like:

play: 3000,

(This will start auto slide in 3 secs) It will also set the Slider to auto-play

To change the Slider Order to Random on Page load, simply change:

randomize: false,


randomize: true,

To set the Slider Transition to stop on the Mouse Over, simply change:

hoverPause: false,


hoverPause: true,