Adding Different Scrolling Effects to jQuery Slider

By default the jQuery Sliders have a “fade” effect. There are other options available which you can use to give your Slider an unique look and feel.

    1. Access the javascript.php file found in the /Karma/truethemes_framework/theme_specific/ folder.
    2. Open up the file and scroll down to line 138 (jQuery 2 slider) or line 163 (jQuery slider) and you will see the following line:
      fx: 'fade',
    3. Replace fade with one of the effects bellow and save the file. Please make sure to add the effect name inside the single quotes. Also make sure to add the name exactly as it appears bellow.

jQuery Slider Scrolling Effects

scrollDown scrollUp scrollLeft scrollRight shuffle toss slideX slideY curtainX curtainY cover uncover growX growY blindX blindY blindZ

Please note: Most of the above effects will look better if using only full size images in the Slider. Insert Full Bleed Images in jQuery 2 Slider Full Width Dimensions in jQuery Sliders