Add Page Title Bar to Blank Canvas Template

This article describes how to add a Page Title Bar to Blank Canvas page template. Please note that this is a code customization that is outside the scope of theme support and something we are unable to provide further guidance on. For expert code customization services please consider checking out one of our trusted vendors below:

– Envato Studio:
– WPQuestions:
– Codeable:


To add a Page Title Bar to Blank Canvas page template simply copy the custom code below and paste it inside one of the Karma theme files. Full details outlined below.

  1. Copy this PHP code:
  2. Open up the following PHP file in your favorite code editor. This file is located in the root directory of the Karma theme: theme-template-part-slider.php
  3. Scroll to line 96 of that file and replace the default code with the above code that you just copied.
  4. Save the file, upload it to your web server, and that’s it! Page Title Bar will now display on Blank Canvas Page Template.